The quest to migrate enterprises to the next generation of the Internet offers several challenges. Centrys can help.

Not since the onset of the internet has a technology forced such panic and excitement. Blockchain has prompted many Fortune 500 executives to take an introspective look at their current business model and many small businesses to explore the possibilities that blockchain can unveil. Blockchain technology has great advantages by provides an immutable, secure, and transparent recording of data, but that can be intimidating particularly within industries that may see dramatically disruption such as, including audit, settlement and law, digital commerce, insurance, and supply chain management. Centrys utilizes its diverse expertise in a variety of technologies to create end-to-end innovative solutions centred on blockchain that cater to the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

Centrys provides consulting solutions, guidance, and full software architecture and design services to usher in the next generation of innovative technology.


Centrys has developed SPiRO, a permission blockchain capable of addressing these issues. SPiRO allows enterprises to customize their data management while offering high transaction speeds without the worry of network capacity or cost. SPiRO offers to enterprise the positive benefits of blockchain and can be tailored specifically for each business need.

SPiRO provides a user friendly, web-accessible SaaS solution for your enterprise and organizational blockchain needs.

With SPiRO, your company can seamlessly address the key issues enabling you to incorporate blockchain into your organization.

Hyper Secure & Transparent

  • A permissioned consortium built on the AION platform
  • Customizable via an easy to use web application

Power to Scale

  • Robust built-in consensus models to set up your network from a small group to a large enterprise

Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Implement end-to-end solutions in an array of industries, such as audit, settlement, product lifecycle tracking, and advertising

Case Study: BulletID

Centrys is using SPiRO to implement an end-to-end solution for BulletID addressing one of the key applications of blockchain today, Product Lifecycle Tracking. Through its patented etching process, BulletID is able to laser etch a barcode on individual bullet casings during the manufacturing process. Using SPiRO, Centrys will enable and monitor the entire etching process through the production flow inclusive of sorting, packaging and right through the logistics/shipping flow. This allows Government officials and agencies to understand the origin and path from bullet creation, providing more transparency in the origin and use case scenarios for investigative purposes.

This solution not only utilizes SPiRO, a permissioned blockchain, for smart contracts to log the full cycle process, it also incorporates machine learning & an imaging processor for the quality control aspect of the production environment. Manufacturing, Distribution and Reporting API’s sit on top of the permissioned blockchain which can send and query data to and from the permissioned blockchain for a truly unified solution.

With SPiRO, your company can seamlessly address the key issues enabling you to incorporate blockchain into your organization.