Who we are

Centrys has emerged as a leader in the development of innovative technology solutions with a focus on the future of blockchain.

We are a group uniquely comprised of both technical agility as well as finance and business expertise, ideating and creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences for consumers and enterprise. Centrys is developing core infrastructure on next generation blockchain instances, full cycle DApp experiences and end-to-end enterprise functionality, all with a forward thinking and decentralized approach.

By doing so, we strive to guide both enterprise adoption and to inspire community entrepreneurship, a new approach to utilizing blockchain as a technology, and the future of innovation.


Richard Patricio, LL.b


Richard brings over 20 years of venture capital and entrepreneurial experience. Richard is a founder of Arctic Blockchain Ltd., which merged with Hydro66 where he now sits on the board of directors. Arctic Blockchain is a data center owner and a crypto mining infrastructure company based in Sweden. Richard is also currently the CEO of a TSX listed investment company and a board member and founder of one of the most recent TSX publicly traded “unicorns”, taking it from a private company to over $1 billion in market capitalization.

Richard was previously the CEO (having started in the company as its General Counsel) for a publicly listed venture fund where from 2005 he focused on commodity investments and helped grow a portfolio of investments from $50 million to $900 million, and its eventual sale in 2015. In 2012, he was integral to the development of a technology portfolio that grew from $20 million to $150 million. Richard is an active entrepreneur having also recently sold a new blockchain real estate solutions company, co-founded by Cristian Talle, to a publicly listed company.

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Mathew Wilson, MFin, CFA


Mathew previously served as a Principal for a publicly listed venture fund focusing on both public and private technology investing. While at the fund he helped lead the development of a venture portfolio that grew from $20 million to $150 million. Since leaving the firm in 2015, Mathew has served as the CFO for a paradigm shifting synthetic biology company as well as CEO for a publicly listed company based in Toronto.

Over the last ten years, Mathew has also served as a board member for several companies in industries such as distributed cloud computing, VoIP, performance parallel computing and real estate SaaS solutions. Mathew also worked closely with incubators around Canada as an investor and advisor and worked as an initial board member and founder to develop the Ryserson Futures fund incubator.

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Sorin Tanasescu, MSc

Chief Technical Officer

Sorin began his career in Romania working at an industrial company where he developed the OS necessary for the company’s integration of the next great innovation: the world wide web. Nearly 25 years later, Sorin’s experience includes key roles in several major innovations across a variety of industries. This experience includes an 8 year career with Rogers where he was lead architect for the middleware of Rogers Roam Like Home and a 4 year tenure with CitiBank where he was integral to the implementation of Citi’s global swift wire payment API. Over the last several years, Sorin has re-dedicated himself to what he thinks is the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet: blockchain. Sorin is a member of the AION Technical Committee.

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Cristian Talle, Dipl. Eng.

Chief Innovation Officer

Cristian brings extensive experience in designing, implementing and integrating enterprise software for various industries including Healthcare, VoIP, Insurance and Real Estate. He worked for over 17 years as an independent software consultant for large companies such as Agfa Healthcare, Allstream, Shred-It, MIPS and Munich-Re.

A creative thinker, Cristian participated as co-founder and technical team member in several startups: VoiceWay (a hosted VoIP PBX platform), TinyWorx (network router/VoIP PBX appliance integrating two way radio communication), HomeJinni (SmartTV platform for Android/MIPS) and Smart Assistant (Real Estate SaaS). As of 2017 Cristian dedicated his time to study and apply blockchain technology. Cristian was co-founder of Real-Block Inc., a blockchain based platform for identity and process management for Real Estate regulators which was recently acquired.

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Amanda Dorenberg, BA, BSc

Chief Mar-Tech Officer

Amanda previously served as a Marketing Technology executive of a publicly traded company where she focused on disruptive technology solutions and marketing tactics, developing proprietary ad-tech solutions and data science methodologies aimed at increasing market share and building brand awareness.

Her expertise in developing end-to-end start-up brand image and branded storytelling, combined with her technical aptitude and product development skills has seen Amanda build the brand and technical product offering of two ad-tech companies, ultimately forging the sale of both start-ups to publicly traded companies at a cost >$100mil.

Amanda is an avid technology marketer with a focus on new emerging tech and disruptive solutions. She is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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A surfer wakes early, heads to the cool ocean breeze while everyone else remains sleeping. They’re in quiet solitude. The surfer swims to the edge of a peer, the sun is rising, slowly, they await the crest of the first wave. The sky is a color palette that is both unknown but familiar, almost too deep to communicate. It’s early and the current of the waves hasn’t kicked yet, but the surfer awaits examining and observing, developing and strategizing their move. The wave kicks and they’re somewhere in the great unknown, but exactly where they want to be, discovering, exploring and creating. The surfer is connected to something, connected to everything and riding their wave.

Centrys is the surfer and blockchain is the ocean. We’re ready for you.