The THÉO Project

The THÉO Project aims to offer core functionality in addition to usability, accessibility, and simplicity for wider mass adoption while still maintaining full advanced trading functionality for the early adopters of crypto.

The digital revolution began with the mainstream adoption of the internet nearly 25 years ago. Today, we engage in transactions for goods on curated central platforms that act as a necessary gatekeeper to bring order in the form of trust for the participants in this market. Gatekeepers choose what is listed and sold, charge fees for listing, and are the owners of all the valuable data.

With blockchain, the means for the evolution of the digital marketplace has arrived.

The advent of the smart contract, embodied by a token, enables a platform to exist that will allow for truly competitive pricing on any good or service with no need for a central body. The value of the worlds most popular central body just exceeded $1 trillion USD and this will flow to users of the marketplace.

With no barriers to entry, minimal fees, and access for everyone, THÉO will enable the next wave of digital commerce.

A place where any individual, small business, organization or enterprise can monetize their goods, services and/or time, while simultaneously offering the ability to exchange cryptocurrency in a simple and accessible format. The THÉO Project is a suite of products centered on the AION blockchain, inclusive of:


The Syná wallet includes an iPhone and Android mobile dApps and a desktop dApp. Using the Centrys THÉO Agora engine, Syná aims to provide a user friendly and accessible option to consumers that enables them to store and access their preferred cryptocurrency as well as use it to interact with new and innovative businesses. The goal of Syná is to provide both the advanced features crypo-experts have come to expect and allow adoption by those less familiar with crypto by allowing easier access into the world of digital transactions.


Also powered by the THÉO Agora engine, Syná+ Google Chrome plugin enables secure keystore and transactions on the blockchain via a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to interact with other decentralized applications while in Google Chrome.


Agora is the first truly community owned and maintained decentralized exchange, ushering in the next evolution of the marketplace on a global scale. Agora is both the engine that powers the products within The THÉO Project and a global marketplace where individuals, small businesses, organizations, or enterprises can tokenize their illiquid assets and simultaneously